Don’t be blinded by the Oculus Rift

Why Head Mounted Displays are not suitable for Immersive Engineering:
The Immersive Engineering Lab at the Fraunhofer IAO Center for Virtual Engineering ZVE features a CAVE-like Virtual Reality system. Not an Oculus Rift. The reason is, it is simply the better solution for the job.
In my last post I featured a video for Computerphile, which shows the VR System of the Immersive Engineering Lab. If you read the comments to the video on YouTube, there seem to be a couple of misunderstandings regarding CAVE-like projection-based Virtual Reality Systems, Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) like the Oculus Rift, Immersive Engineering, and Virtual Reality in general. Let me try to clear up some of these misunderstandings, and outline why we have a projection-based system and not an HMD in the Immersive Engineering Lab.

Making of: Viral Virtual Reality

As scientist of the “Virtual Environments”-team at Fraunhofer IAO, I lately shot to fame by chance. The startling incident showed me two things: first of all, how easy viral marketing works and secondly, which delighted me most, that it worked by simply explaining what you can do with “virtual reality”. It seems that my research area fascinates not only nerds!