R&D Management Conference 2014

The R&D Management Conference 2014
3-6 June, Stuttgart
Management of Applied R&D: Connecting high value solutions with future markets

When the decision was taken to assume responsibility for organization of the R&D Management Conference in 2014, the main challenge we faced was how to maintain the conference’s academic excellence while at the same time achieving a high level of industry involvement and remaining consistent with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s mission.

The idea:

R&D Management today faces new challenges that are driven for instance by new possibilities that have opened up in the area of information technologies or by the increasing degree of globalization both within R&D departments and in potential markets. We decided to take responsibility for organization of the conference in 2014 because we wanted to create and enhance a platform that facilitates the exchange and discussion of the most recent developments relating to these challenges – and of how to transfer these developments into industry.

Involving industry…

To do so, we have integrated different aspects into the organization of the conference. The first aspect is that industrial partners will be involved in each special session to introduce the topic with a short presentation and highlight its industrial relevance. In this way, we hope to trigger lively discussions between industry and academia based on the papers contributed. One example of a special session is the topic of “R&D Management in Emerging Economies”, jointly prepared by the company Arçelik S. A. and Fraunhofer IAO. A list of the other special sessions, and of the cooperation partners, can be found on the conference website.


The other aspect that makes the conference special from a practical point of view is that is offers industry delegates the additional opportunity to attend the keynote speeches and the conference dinner on June 5 separately from the rest of the conference. In addition to the keynote speeches confirmed so far to be given by organizations such as Festo, Siemens, Bosch, Hilti or the Harvard Business School, this section of the conference program will also include best paper awards and discussions on selected topics.

…in an inspiring environment

Finally, the conference will be held in attractive locations, including the new Fraunhofer IAO building and the Mercedes-Benz Museum, to create the best possible environment for fruitful discussions on the topic of R&D Management and even beyond.

You will find further details on the conference website at www.rndmanagementconference2014.org.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Stuttgart next year!

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